MANA 2020 Awards

Sophia Lunt, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyChemical Engineering and Materials ScienceMichigan State

MANA 2020 Young Investigator Award

Congratulations Sophia Lunt!

The Lunt Lab focuses on understanding the role of metabolism in supporting cancer proliferation, heterogeneity, and metastasis. We combine powerful mass spectrometry, cell biology, genetic models of cancer, and fluorescent agents to investigate alterations in this complex disease. They aim to rationally design more effective, personalized therapies for cancer based on metabolic targeting.

Young Investigator Award

The MANA Young Investigator Award is a competitive award for the most accomplished Early Career Members. We encourage members whose work has exhibited exceptional novelty or has pushed the boundaries of metabolomics, or whose early career efforts have resulted in sustained, substantial, and noteworthy contributions to the field, to apply for the MANA Young Investigator Award. This award is open to all Early Career Members (defined as being within ten years of their most recent degree).

2020 Young Investigator Awardee

  • Sophia Lunt

Best poster award

From abstracts submitted by early-career members, a few will be selected through a rigorous review process by the Organizing Committee for awards presented on the last day of the conference.

2020 Best Poster Awardees

  • Casey Chamberlain (#44)

  • Russell Fling (#46)

  • Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo (#113)

  • Kehau Hagiwara (#128)

  • Clayton Kranawetter (#51)

  • Ken Liu (#27)

  • Felicity Nielson (#143)

  • Hannah Parks (#49)

  • Markace Rainey (#156)

  • Shao Thing Teoh (#126)

Lightning Talk

2020 Lightning Talk Awardees

  • Mark McCann (#138)

  • Arpana Vaniya (#22)